Experimenting with food is my absolute joy and specialty. This collection is all about inspiring curiosity about food and cooking by exploring my own. Here, I share my original recipe creations as well as some recipes that I’ve made or that have inspired my culinary creativity.

Meal Prep Strategies


Who has time to spend all day in the kitchen? Not me, for sure! And you shouldn’t either. In this Collection, I’m sharing my tried and true prep strategies that both uses limited prep time efficiently, and allows me to quickly prepare delicious and nutritious meals, at the drop of a hat!

Ingredients 101


Let’s journey beyond the recipes to understand the what, why, where, when, and how of ingredients. Here I’ll share useful information and tips about specific ingredients: their nutritional value and role for our human biology, how and where to buy, relevant prep/cooking/storage techniques, and my favorite part, flavor pairings.

Grow Your Own Food

My hubby is so handsome

Our whole-food plant-base nutritional lifestyle directly led us to expand our little garden to include more space for wider varieties of produce than what our local stores offer. This collection has information on how to start your very own garden while learning from our (abundant) mistakes! 🙂